Darren Jones

Darren Jones


Darren enjoyed a successful police career working within Essex, Metropolitan, and Kent police services. He was a detective serving on high profile specialist units, including murder, rape, robbery and fraud. He is a very experienced investigator, having been involved with significant investigations securing both criminal and civil prosecutions.

One case of note was a multi-million pound identity theft and money laundering investigation involving a leading insurance provider. Eight defendants were convicted and sentenced totalling in excess of 30 years imprisonment.

In recent years he has been successfully involved in the preparation and presentation of criminal and civil cases.

Darren has excellent relationships with Criminal and Civil Solicitors & Barristers.

Qualifications & Expertise

  • Advanced report writing
  • The preparation of five part evidential witness statements to be used within a criminal or civil prosecution
  • Video interviews of Significant and key witnesses (Memorandum to Achieving Best Evidence)
  • Joint Investigation with Redbridge Area child protection committee training consortium
  • Cognitive witness interviews
  • Attended numerous witness and suspect interview courses in accordance with the P.E.A.C.E model
  • The Detective Investigators foundation course New Scotland Yard Crime Academy
  • Completed Detective Investigators 2 year Program in accordance with Centrex. Worldwide Policing Excellence
  • Assessor for suspect interview Investigative training Tier 2
  • Tutor Detective Training course enabling assessment and training of Trainee Detectives
  • Family Liaison Officer Course
  • Critical Incident Awareness
  • Diversity
  • Disclosure (Dealing with the evaluation and presentation of evidential documents and exhibits within a criminal or civil prosecution case)
  • Cultivation of Informants and handling (level 2)
  • Major incident (Mass disaster trained, in particular working within a mortuary environment gathering evidence and preservation of exhibits to be used either in a coroners court or criminal court)
  • Holmes 2

Contact Details
M: 07912 890 610
E: darren.jones@globallitigationmanagement.com